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Top 5 Over Ear DJ Headphones Under $200


DJ Headphones

Remarkable Dj headphones are an crucial little bit of kit, whether or not or no longer you are an up and coming dj or you’ve already made it and you’re searching out new toys to play with, that is a listing of the remarkable headphones of 2018 to date. For a dj, the wonderful of headphones should make the distinction the various subsequent hit and certainly some other music within the thousands and hundreds being made each 12 months.

Comfort For Use

The layout is light-weight, and the ear cups are cautiously crafted to surround the ears in consolation with reminiscence foam padding blanketed in quality protein leather-based, so there may be no pinching or fatigue…even on a long night. A trendsetter with pristine audio first-class and strong production, the rhp-20 sets a new standard for the professional dj headphones.

Outstanding Design
Geared up with a rotating over ear dj headphones for on-shoulder ear tracking, the rhp-20 is rugged and equipped for non-stop operation in even the maximum hard environment with a sturdy hinge and folding mechanism fabricated from high-quality aluminum and a difficult rubber head band that withstands wear and tear.
These headphones will help you find out what is superb for you and your sound. We can include the excellent for high-quality, the extraordinary all-rounder and the super price to provide you all the options.

What To Search For

• The maximum crucial component to search for in a pair of wi-fi headphones is battery lifestyles. maximum devices have an predicted battery life, or the wide variety of hours the organization says the device can remaining on a fee. Most wireless earbuds are rated for six to eight hours, while wireless headphones can last approximately 25 hours.

• If you are a guitarist, you may constantly find your self seeking out equipment that might enhance your sound and performance. whether or not its with new strings, new amplifiers or new compressor pedals, you will locate yourself wondering why you didnt get this form of easy searching items earlier.

• They’ll look deceivingly small and unimportant, however they play a honestly large function inside the song global! Compressor pedals can notably enhance your play with little to no attempt way to the smooth-use and set-up of these simple items.

• In case you’re interested in a couple of really dj headphones makes certain they arrive with a charging case. on account that they’ve shorter battery existence, there’s a top notch likelihood you will ought to fee them at the go.

Why Do DJ Make Use Of Headphones?

Djs placed on headphones for numerous motives. cueing is one in every of the apparent reasons. A few wear it as a fashion accent. However, the selection to wear dj headphones or not depends at the man or woman. Skilled djs may not want to position on headphones regularly compared to novices. The object will communicate a number of the reasons why djs will insist on sporting headphones.

Top Quality of DJ Headphones

One of the most vital guns in a dj’s arsenal is the right set of headphones. With all the technology available to djs these days making the paintings of djing much less difficult, it’s come to be increasingly essential to pick out the right track on the proper time. To try this a dj goals the right headphones for you to cue up the pleasant factor to deliver in the subsequent music.

• On the equal time as the ones headphones are pricy .they will be great sound excellent that missing a touch bass.

• Although the ones have a amazing sound.there is no longer a number of bass. they’re very comfy to position on and pair up rapid. At ease over the ears.These headphones may even stay in region and are mild-weight.

• An lower priced opportunity to immoderate surrender headphones, they may be ideal for touring as they fold up and healthy into the inclusive of carrying case.

• There is a touch static whilst the twine is moved and no deep bass. There are not any EQ options furnished and the mic does no longer pick up loudly.

• The battery can drain speedy,not withstanding the truth that not in use and at the same time as the noise cancelling is right, it does now not block all outside noise.

Top 5 DJ Headphones Under $200

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Professional Monitor DJ Headphones

 Dj headphones

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Because the most significantly acclaimed version inside the m-series line, the ath-m50 is praised with the aid of top audio engineers and seasoned audio reviewers twelve months after 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. now, the ath-m50xwh (white) professional display display screen headphones function the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of a detachable cable. From the large aperture drivers, sound placing aside earcups and robust manufacturing, the m50x offers an unmatched enjoy for the maximum important audio experts.Those dj headphones appear nicely-rounded in what they are capable of deliver. Ensures include excellent readability, excessive satisfactory sound separation and sufficient sound insulation to make matters relaxed whilst acting. They also appear to boast a exquisite stage of comfort that is without a doubt beneficial for the ones prolonged units wherein a cheap pair of dj headphones will go away you feeling like your ears are burning and your cranium is going to implode.

Although lovely and excessive notable, the overall consensus is blended here. It’ll without a doubt cave in to desire in reality because of the amount of other headphones available on the market and what you discover precious in an first rate pair of headphones.


• Comfortable, cozy and excessive super sound are certainly obvious here however the charge for coins clearly may not be there. Discover for your self if youre feeling adventurous, or stick with your comfort quarter if youve offered from pioneer formerly.

• Severely acclaimed sonic performance praised by means of pinnacle audio engineers and seasoned audio reviewers.

• Proprietary forty five mm huge-aperture drivers with uncommon earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils.

• First rate clarity in the course of an prolonged frequency variety, with deep, correct bass reaction.

• Circumaural layout contours around the ears for tremendous sound isolation in loud environments.

• 90° swiveling earcups for smooth, one-ear tracking, expert-grade earpad and headband fabric grants greater durability and comfort. removable cable.


• Newer fashions are long lasting in contrast to some of the older fashions, the more moderen ones have metal elements in location of plastic. This makes them fairly durable in assessment to previous models that is a first rate supply of consolation while laying out the cash for them.

• Comfy suit these headphones have an really adorable banding that allows for a relaxed healthful, which enhances the sound insulation flawlessly.

• Awesome sound theres a diffusion of appropriate remarks from others that display the sound of this pioneer product in a wonderful mild. absolutely an excellent exceptional piece.

2.Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro PPS12 Extra Bass Over-Ear DJ Headphones

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Innovation by no means stops.To provide the last sound experience, engineers have putted a variety of time and efforts into bluedio u plus and accomplished new step forward.The special pps12 technology of these Dj headphones, specifically designed cavity and vents paintings in conjunction to provide vibrant bass and clean, vivid sound duplicate via the complete frequency variety.

Not like quite a few the top manufacturers of headphones the PPS12 seasoned is in reality light in assessment to what youd count on. The more strength and satisfactory thats packed into headphones, the heavier they typically are. The rotatable tablets for unmarried-ear listening is yet any other large plus due to the fact when monitoring its usually on hand with a purpose to customize how you do it. The largest selling factor on these headphones is truly the sound satisfactory and sound strain tolerance. They can cope with much louder pressure than their weight would recommend and you may really rely upon these to help you reach your perfect sound.

Regrettably the headphones right here arent without a doubt special in relation to the materials used for the ear pads, making them very uncomfortable whilst using them for prolonged durations of time. Bluedio U Plus favor to awareness basically at the audio first-rate in preference to making it appearance fancy and secure. They arrive with a 2-year manufacturer guarantee as preferred. This is beneficial if youre a resident dj due to the fact except you are appearing somewhere that can pay obscenely well,


• PPS12 technology of these over ear DJ headphobes offers top-first-class audio engineering. You’ll experience an immersive audio enjoy thru using three drivers particularly engineered for treble and another three drivers for mids and bass. You could expect crisp, vibrant highs from those headphones.

• Hollow space design minimizes interferences of different frequency, enhances the bass reaction, and includes specially designed vents, which adjust airflow and ventilation, and make contributions to a complete-bodied, colourful and bouncy bass.

• To defend your ears, bluedio u plus adopts over-ear muffs and stereo clipping layout. It’s miles both natural and comfortable to put on, and decreases audio leakage.

• If you can recover from the dearth of consolation from prolonged use in a single session, then the general consensus is that those headphones are extraordinary. Its more difficult to discover those who wouldnt charge them 10/10 than parents that would. Simply a clever buy with a large price for coins connected.


• The Over-Ear DJ Headphones is designed to be rotated backward for a hundred and eighty levels, specially thinking about the unique necessities of dj.it additionally works when you want to live privy to what`s going on round you.

• Cavity layout gives isolation from a few ambient sounds, complements the bass reaction and pushes the airflow of each front and back cavity to attain resonance.the cavities, together with specifically designed vents, which regulate the ventilation, make a contribution to a full-bodied, vibrant and bouncy bass duplicate.

• The headphone can be paired with telephones, drugs, or any other bluetooth device, but it can be incompatible with a few tvs, ps4.

• Bluedio U Plus technology, the aggregate of three drivers particularly for trembles and some other three drivers for mids and bass, makes positive that you’ll experience all variety of frequency to the fullest volume.you may expect crisp, shiny highs from this headphone.

• Dazzling audio satisfactory Bluedio U Plus are known for their no-nonsense method to bringing the nice audio performance their satisfactory minds can provide and they do it properly. The PPS12 seasoned isn’t any exception and its famend for sound high-quality even at higher strain stages.

3.Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Headphones

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Over–ear headphones use patented klipsch balanced dynamic (kbd) motive pressure generation which places you in the direction of the song by using manner of equalizing the weight of the driver’s diaphragm. kbd riding force generation considerably improves sound by way of using decreasing the using force’s intermodulation distortion (imd) thru removing lead wires from the diaphragm. distortion reduces clarity and adjustments the authentic sound to make it unnatural. the distinction is huge as bass will become fluid and connected to the midrange and immoderate frequencies without becoming bloated or disconnected. the progressed dynamics create a soundstage and presence most effective heard in klipsch’s legendary audio system.

There’s not anything specifically special that jumps out at you on first look with the Klipsch Reference headphones. They appearance okay and much like bog standard headphones. The primary improvement over the previous model falls down to the ear pads.
At the previous version there have been some awful reports and this dealt a blow to audio-technicas popularity for being capable of offer an awesome all-round pair of head-telephones. The brand new version fixed that problem by way of not only enforcing a new cloth for the ear pads as preferred however also imparting velvet replacements.


• Best for on–the–move situations, reference over–ear headphones fold up and includes a tough zip sporting case. a long lasting, tangle–resistant cable and 3 button mic lets in full manipulate of your apple device without having to take it from your pocket.

• Over–ear’s detachable reminiscence foam ear cushions are smooth and deep. with a further big ear establishing, the cushions are one–size–suits–all. the earcup affords articulation in every direction, ensuring that stress is applied frivolously throughout the entire head. with just the right quantity of headband pressure, your ears live cozy for hours.

• Designed to sound absolutely impartial, reference over–ear creates audiophile sound without audiophile ratethe progressed precision of klipsch’s kbd driver adds readability and articulation to any music. the the balanced driving pressure actions like a piston, lowering distortion and improving decisi.

• Despite the fact that a remarkable expert starter pair, if you understand what you need from a couple of headphones and you’ve were given enough money to spring for a better pair, its honestly really helpful.


• Mythical acoustic historical past blended with in-depth consolation and fit knowledge are cast into every klipsch headphone making them the nice sounding, most comfy alternatives on the planet.

• Premium acoustic technology and substances & precise 40mm klipsch balanced dynamic drivers makes these headphones superb.

• Perfect for on-the-move situations, reference over-ear dj headphones fold up and includes a hard zip wearing case. a long lasting, tangle-resistant cable and 3 button mic permits complete control of your apple tool without having to take it out of your pocket.

• The earcup provides articulation in each route, ensuring that pressure is carried out lightly throughout the entire head. with simply the proper quantity of headband stress, your ears stay comfy for hours.

• Terrific sound ,the sound of those dj headphones is definitely specific way to the separation of the bass from mids and highs using a twin-diaphragm setup that is particular to Klipsch Reference. Even the likes of avicii have used those headphones in the past and we can honestly see why.

4.V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone


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V-MODA’s tuning organization sets the bar better by manner of improving the mythical crossfade m-100 signature sound for really same stressed out and wireless playback. the crossfade wireless went via years of specific engineering to layout and music wireless electronics while retaining the enduring v-moda materials and shapes.

The V-MODA emblem is widely known for craftsmanship and people headphones are not any first-rate. they boast intense, or even army grade durability. The headscarf, it truly is one of the maximum common breakage elements is sort of indestructible which makes it a selected asset for a tour. Upload to this a uniquely remarkable sound that has been tuned by using way of over 2 hundred audiophiles and then detail in the separation of bass from different sounds and you’ve yourself this beautiful set of over-ear headphones for below one hundred.

Relaxed headphones that have extremely good sound first-rate with a first rate cost for cash appeared to be a delusion, but the Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear brings all of it with memory foam ear pads to add to this suitable product. The sturdiness is actually unreal with this product and it consists of being tested to past military standards, that’s just super.


• Lithium-ion battery offers up to 12 hours of non-stop song, enjoyment and calls, recharge it to 100% in a hundred mins thanks to the protected stylish v-micro usb cable; unlimited hours of tune in analog wired mode.

• Expensive cloth aggregate of metal and new vegan leather-based, assembly military-degree standards of the mil-std-810g checking out tips, memory foam cushions and headscarf provide comfort for prolonged listening classes and herbal noise isolation.

• The V-MODA Crossfade may be the first-rate high-quality headphones round today and in case you don’t have large ears, they’re clearly really worth getting.


• Past-military durability every component of the Wireless headphone has been designed with satisfactory in thoughts at each step. The immortal existence assure that these headphones provide states that in case you run over your headphones with a tank, you may get a 50% discount. thats right, you’ll want to run those over with a tank to ruin them.

• Extremely good look the Crossfade Over-Ear have a very sparkling appearance and it simply places the icing at the cake. the substances used and the shape of the design supplement every different flawlessly to provide customers with a sleek and elegant product that packs a colossal amount of sound first-rate.

• Crossfade Wireless sound, wi-fi freedom – the high-quality over-ear sound refined from winning preference awards and crowdsourcing musicians.

5. BOHM Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Cushioned Headphones

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Ready with the modern-day active noise cancellation technology with ambient noise reduction, the b76 headphones will give you endless hours of targeted comfortable listening! The frequency range of the Over Ear Cushioned is frequently unmatched, supplying you with the notable of the highs and increase of the lows. the detachable headphone cable and rotatable ear cups provide you with a few solid durability at the same time as you get a bit carried away within the dj booth. pass ahead, bounce around!
Audio-technica’s BOHM Wireless is best for the dj that spends a whole lot of time in the studio. the expert-grade sound and extremely relaxed construct makes them clean at the ears, even after severa hours of harm. ninety-degree swivel points give you right consolation, no matter the manner you put on them. The Cushioned headphone is every other secure, entry-level dj headphone with beautiful sound. that is an on ear headphone, which allows your ears to respire, preventing sweating and maintaining your ears easy and wholesome. last frequency isolation offers you genuine audio readability.


• BOHM has included the maximum superior active and passive noise cancelling technology in its headphones. flip a turn on these truly lively noise cancelling headphones, drown out your sourroundings and immerse your self to your song with out distractions, anywhere you may be.

• Superior battery performance generation approach you’ll enjoy as a great deal as 16 hours of play time and 8 hours of noise cancelling on a lightning-fast 2-hour fee.


• Appealing game headset with foldable design is fantastic for the gymnasium, jogging, cycling & lengthy aircraft, train and vehicle travel. purchase with confidence! bohm products have a 1 12 months manufacturer guarantee (should be bought from seller1on1 or a licensed reseller).

• Powerful dj headphones will let you revel in music, television, films & games with wealthy, textured sound & greater bass connect to iphone, ipad, smart tv & more through advanced.

• Cushioned foam ear pads cup complete ear for as much as 16 hours of at ease, relaxed listening. international magnificence battery; revel in up to 16 hours of play time on a 2-hour price.

• You may connect the BOHM headphones to a tool with an aux cable, which comes protected with the b76 headphones. The usage of the aux cable to attach is a way to preserve the battery rate as the wired connection does no longer use it.


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